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Cancer- a sentence or a word?

Dr. Joe is a friend of mine on twitter who writes about his perspective from a medical doctor.  We share similar views and experiences.  Watch for an interview coming with Dr. Joe. 

Cancer- a sentence or a word?
The word cancer still strikes fear into people’s hearts. In 1971 then president Nixon declared a war on cancer with the aim of winning it by the bicentennial in 1976. Suffice to say this hasn’t happened. In fact the death rate for cancer in the USA adjusted for age and population has declined only 5% in over 50 years. This is despite the spending of billions of dollars.(link 2)

Yet there are people who have beaten cancer and lived long years to tell the tale. The question arises what is different about those people, as they have often received the same medical treatment as those who didn’t survive? In my opinion it will be in their attitudes and how they manage their condition.

Cured Stage 4 Cancer

Here is a story of a man and what he did to get rid of his cancer.  Different methods work for different people.  Stay open to your truth.  It is inside of you.

I do know for sure, you cannot just get rid of a tumor!!!  To be well and live life fully, you must heal the body, or the cancer will come back  You must look at your lifestyle and your emotional life and where are you mentally.

I work with five clients a month to help them through this healing journey.  I have a spot for you.  Email me to secure the healing place.

Tell me what you think of Kelly’s healing method.  Use the comment section below. 

How I Cured Stage 4 Cancer in Two Weeks For Less Than The Cost Of A Night At The Movies
By Kelley Eidem
I would be dead today without my crazy, easy cure.

Can We Learn Compassion?

Can we learn compassion?  Some people are naturally more compassionate, while others seem to walk away or have no feeling what so ever.

Why is compassion so evident in some and not others?

Read these words of wisdom from a couple of researchers looking for scientific evidence to these questions. 

Compassion Meditation Changes The Brain
ScienceDaily (Mar. 27, 2008) —

Can we train ourselves to be compassionate? A new study suggests the answer is yes.

Cultivating compassion and kindness through meditation affects brain regions that can make a person more empathetic to other peoples’ mental states, say researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This study was the first to use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to indicate that positive emotions such as loving-kindness and compassion can be learned in the same way as playing a musical instrument or being proficient in a sport. The scans revealed that brain circuits used to detect emotions and feelings were dramatically changed in subjects who had extensive experience practicing compassion meditation.

Why is Compassion Healing?

‘Compassion is a profound human emotion prompted by the pain of others. More vigorous than empathy, the feeling commonly gives rise to an active desire to alleviate another’s suffering.”

When I was healing and was a complete emotional mess, compassion was a invaluable gift.  Those that were truly able to feel my pain and listen and be there for me were like angels from heaven.  My heart was so heavy and I felt completely lost and alone.  It was in those moments that I really learned what compassion was.

When I was in the deep dark hole and didn’t know if I could climb out, compassion helped lift me one step forward.

“Compassion is that which makes the heart of the good move at the pain of others. It crushes and destroys the pain of others.” – The Buddha.

Self-Love from a Dying 12 year old

 Marlese was a twelve year old girl who died of muscle cancer.  Dr. Lerma in his book, Into the Light shares her story.  Here are her final words of wisdom.

Marlese left me with these final words from what she learned from the four angels assigned to her:

“ To entertain dishonesty, what is not good or not helpful from others or oneself, only feeds our ego. This act in turn and unwisely crafts a form of guilt within our soul, which forces one to veer from the one thing that will destroy it; that is our free-will to self-forgive and self-love.

The constant lies that our self-centered ego tells our spirit or soul is purely for its self–preservation. It has no consideration for bringing us joy, love and forgiveness. The ego, also known as our sinful nature, stems back to the story of Adam and Eve. It was their ego, the same ego that exists in us, which lead their spirit to defy God’s request.

Isn’t Anyone looking at Healing The Body with Cancer

We all know something is working with our medical systems today. Costs are rising for health care and insurance.  More and more people don’t have health insurance and can’t get the care they need.  Something has to change.

Through all my experiences as I travel the medical hallways with cancer, I realized the system in the west is to treat the symptoms.  If they got rid of the symptoms, they believed they were successful.  But what about the cause??  Who was treating the cause or looking for the cause so we could heal our bodies.  I was so discouraged that I couldn’t find anyone to help me heal from cancer in the medical industry.  How could that be?

So what if they got rid of the tumor, if the environment where the tumor grew didn’t change.  Its a pretty good bet I would grow more cancer cells! 

What Does Integrity Have to do with Health/Wellness?

So what does integrity really mean?

Integrity is the alignment of words and actions. Doing what you say you will do and with the highest of intentions.

Integrity is saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Integrity refers to wholeness as a human being. It means that you have developed into a person whose thoughts, words, and actions are congruent, and therefore do not conflict with each other.

Integrity is living a life in which thoughts, words, and actions are congruent and conform to ethical principles.

A very nice balance of self respect and confidence

The state or quality of being entire or complete; wholeness; entireness; unbroken state.

What Does Integrity Have to do with Health and Wellness?

Our wellness is defined by our wholeness.  When suffering with cancer, I heard, “Heal the Whole Body Mind and Spirit!”  I knew I would not be well by just looking at my body and healing that. There was more to it than that.  But what???? 

Forgiveness and Letting Go

Let go & let your higher self be in charge. This is the quickest and easiest path to complete peace in a hectic world.

When you let go of negative energy in negative situations, it makes room for peaceful and positive energy. Negative and positive emotion cannot occupy the same space, so you must let go of one, to experience the other.

Forgiving another usually means you have let go, and it is you who gains the benefit of letting go.once you realize this, you will never hang on to useless negative emotion for long periods of time. Look at children, they never seem to hang on for long, they let go very easily, then completely forget.

Try and make a conscious decision today, to let go. Watch your emotions and interactions with others, and take control of yourself. Stick to the conscious path of self observation, you’ll be glad you did because the rewards are tremendous.  I guarantee it.

Wisdom through Your Words

“We are always teaching, sharing, giving that which we most want in our life.”

As I was tweeting today, I realized as I allowed the words to flow through me,I was writing about the things that I was learning for the day.

What are you experiencing today? What lessons are plopping right in your lap to learn from?

What people walked into your life today with a very important message?  Are you listening, watching and paying attention.

What words are you speaking today, pay attention.  Your wise words are for you, for you to grow and be all you can be today!

Create Your Dreams

We all have dreams………….

Sometimes we think our dreams will never come true!  If you believe and never give up they will come true.  Stay focussed on what you really want.  Don’t let a bump in the road discourage and distract you from your dreams.  These bumps are our best lessons in life of who we are and what we want.  They show us a new path to take and then a new opportunity.

Don’t give up when the dream is at your door.  Don’t be afraid to just open the door and let them in.

This is one woman’s dream, when everyone was laughing at her she still stood on the stage and touched the hearts of millions.  Her dream did come true!

Wisdom is available to all of us, be still, and follow your heart!

Watch this from Britains Got Talent

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