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Cancer Support and Drugs

I wanted to share this article and recommendation.

I have experience with drugs that are harmful to me.  There is a need for pharma drugs at times, but always be careful to continue to build your cells, organs, and systems while using them.  The approach is generally to eliminate a symptom you are experiencing without really helping you heal. 

I knew early on in my cancer journey that my body needed to rebuild and get strong to function properly.  When I asked the doctors how can I rebuild my cells and organs and systems to fight the cancer cells, they looked at me like I was crazy.  They had no idea.  I was shocked!   How could they not know.  I found out they just try to get rid of tumors at any expense.  Most are then too weak to rebuild and prevent the cells from continuing to grow.  They cannot get all the microscopic cells with their hands!  My oncologists and other doctors said they couldn’t help me, they didn’t know how. 

Cancer Support and Goals for 2009

Where your attention goes so do YOU!

Now you have a list of catagories and positive, present tense goals or intentions listed for 2009.  Great!

Next, look at your list.  What one intention has the greatest impact on your life?

Take that intention and write it on the top of a blank page.  Now you are going to list all the activities or  all the ways possible to achieve that goal.  Don’t analyze or get too much in your head about it.  Let it flow.

You can’t move forward when you are chained to the past. Often our past limits us for living right now.  And all we really have is right now.  We get in our own way and stop ourselves from living the life we dream of.  We are hashing and rehashing what happened in the past, who did this to me, why I can’t be or do something because of something that happend years ago.  Let Go!  We can’t change the past.   You can only live now.

What Are Your Intentions for 2009?

2009 is here.  A time to reflect on another year experienced and a new year upon us.  Many take the time to write goals for the coming year.  Do you?

Our intentions set the direction for our life.  If we don’t have intentions, our life can seem to be on auto pilot and what shows up is just some luck of the draw.  If by chance our intentions do create our experiences this year, would you take time to decide what you want?

This is the time we take out our tool, our mind, and use it to determine what we want to do, be and have in 2009 and write it down. 

Do you know what you want for 2009?

Start with catagories, for example:

Health, Career, Family, Social, Recreational, Spiritual, Service

Within each catagory, write what you would like for 2009.

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