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Miracles Happen Every day!

Experiencing this expression of true self love is freeing.  When we do we are connected to our most powerful being, our true self and the energy of God and the universe.  In this energy, in this place, is where anything is possible.  This is where miracles happen!

This is where I accessed the energy and power to heal from stage 4 melanoma.  Now as a cancer survivor speaker, I am passionate about sharing the message of hope and miracles.

It is real and it is possible.  Many have experienced it.  But you ask, “How do I do it?” 

 In my workbook, Living From the Heart, you get my lessons learned.  I walk you through five most important steps to start your journey.  These are truly simple, but it takes time and practice and habit to break our life patterns and habits we have lived by for our life time.

Heal from Cancer: Build Your Immune System

Heal from Cancer: Build Your Immune System

As a skin cancer survivor turned cancer survivor speaker and cancer support expert, I know that cancer can be healed and recurrences prevented. There are natural cancer treatments that include at their core the building up of the immune system.

You can heal by accessing the power of your immune system. You MUST build your immune system to fight the cancer cells. If you have cancer your immune system was weak or worn out and unable to fight the cancer cells. You can build your immune system with whole food supplements, organic foods and drinks, herbs, teas, etc.

Live Your Hopes and Dreams

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

 - Henry David Thoreau

In my 5 Be’s for Living From the Heart, I talk about our creation process that is a universal law that most of us have forgotten.

Everyone has dreams, find them, remember them!!  Write them down and say them out loud.  What you focus on is what you will see more and more of in your life.  With everyone so afraid of the financial crisis and political election coming up, the focus seems to be the doom and gloom and what is bad.  Collectively we are focussing on what we really don’t like or want.  It is hard to get away from it, but we can choose in the moment what we wish to think about and talk about with our friends and family.  Talk about the opportunity coming our way, about the changes we will all experience through the country’s opportunity right now.  How can you experience what you want in the midst of all the chaos.

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