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Hope and Inspiration

The Next Place

By Warren Hanson

The next place that I go will be as peaceful and familiar
As a sleepy summer Sunday and a sweet, untroubled mind.

And yet… it won’t be anything like any place I’ve ever been
Or seen… or even dreamed of, in the place I leave behind.

I won’t know where I’m going, and I won’t know where I’ve been
As I tumble through the always, and look back toward the when.

I’ll glide beyond the rainbows.  I’ll drift above the sky,
I’ll fly into the wonder, without ever wondering why.

I won’t remember getting there. Somehow I’ll just arrive
But I’ll know that I belong there and will feel much more alive than I have ever felt before.

I will be absolutely free of the things that I held onto
That were holding onto me.


                                     ” When I appreciate

                                     I feel so very good.

                           Appreciation is the secret to life.

                         Become a person who appreciates,

                                    and you will thrive;

                                    you will fulfill your

                                     reason for being.”         Abe…..

Following is the Emotional Guidance Scale from Jerry and Ester Hicks.

Being grateful is #1 the highest state of our being.  When we are in this state we have the highest vibrational frequency and feel the best.  Where do you fall on the scale? 

Identify your feeling at any moment.  Find where you are on the scale and then think, say or do whatever it is that can raise you to the next level.  You may go for a walk in nature, sing or dance, pray, tell yourself wonderful words, or imagine yourself in the most beautiful place.  Whatever it takes raise your vibration!

Breast Cancer What Do We Really Know About Mammograms

Sharing a new report coming from the Journel of AMA.

It intrigues me to see the immense power of our bodies to heal themselves.  We all know we were created to heal ourselves.  Sometimes we need help and there are infinite options available for help.  I am here to help in any way I can.

As the Cancer Survivor Speaker, I want you to see the importance of your immune system in healing and living a healthy, abundant life.  Build it strong!

Breast Cancer Rates Soar after Mammograms and Some Cancers may Heal Naturally
by Sherry Baker

(NaturalNews) A report just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine (Arch Intern Med. 2008;168[21]:2302-2303) reaches a startling conclusion. Breast cancer rates increased significantly in four Norwegian counties after women there began getting mammograms every two years. In fact, according to background information in the study, the start of screening mammography programs throughout Europe has been associated with increased incidence of breast cancer.

Zapper Kills Body Crap!

Another tool for cancer support from the cancer survivor speaker.  I told you about this a couple weeks ago and now am following up with some results from my daughter and myself.

The zapper is a battery powered electronic device built from a design published by Dr. Hulda Clark in her book, “The Cure For all Diseases.”  She has spent years researching and perfecting her techniques.

Parasites, or bugs and bacteria or viruses that invade your body and shouldn’t be there.  There are also larger parasites, like roundworms, intestinal flukes, tapeworms, pinworms and more, that regularly invade our precious bodies.

All of these parasites are in the food we eat, our environment, animals, etc.  They even travel to other parts of our body causing all kinds of problems.

Everything in the universe is energy, including us, and everything has a unique vibrational frequency that it vibrates at.  These parasites, bacteria and viruses also have a unique frequency which is different from our body and organs.

Get Cancer From Sugar?

Cancer survivor speaker speaking on sugar today and sharing an article on sugar and cancer.  We hear so much and now scientific studies are showing us the truth.  How does sugar really affect our health? 

Ten Studies Showing the Link Between Sugar and Increased Cancer Risk 

How many times have you heard it mentioned that sugar causes cancer, that cancer patients should avoid sugar, or that sugar is the favorite food of cancer cells?

The truth is, this goes beyond mere hearsay or traditional knowledge; there is actually a large volume of scientific evidence available which shows the link between sugar and increased cancer risk. Here, ten such studies are summarized.

What Are YOU Telling Yourself?

How are you speaking?

Write these down.

Now look at how you are speaking to others and this is how you are speaking to yourself.  What are you saying about yourself every day?

Are these words healing?

Are you lying to yourself?  Are you berating yourself?  Are you not speaking to yourself and are shut down and not feeling?  Are you celebrating yourself and cheering your self on?

All of this affects you and your life.  How you speak to others affects you.  How you speak to others affects your health.  Become aware of how you are speaking to others and therefore what you are saying to yourself every day.

Often we are completely unaware of what we are telling ourselves.  Then we wonder how did this happen?  How did I get to this place in my life?  We think some how it just appears and we had nothing to do with it.  We do.  We create our reality.

Who Are You?

To heal from anything in your life and I mean anything…………………………you have to look at all aspects of your being.  If you look at only the physical, you will miss the biggest opportunity to heal and grow. 

As a cancer survivor speaker, I am not here just to talk about cancer.  Well that was my ”thing” to experience in life, and every human being walking on this planet has their “thing.” 

I already can hear, “No my thing is different and worse and unimaginable and impossible and part of my personality, etc……!!!”

Yes all our”things” are different, but we are all here to learn, to grow or to remember who we really are when our “things” are stripped away.  Who are you when your job, or role as mom, or your house, or your health or your money gets taken away?

Get Rid of the Junk!

Get Rid of the Junk!
by Sheila Ulrich

As a skin cancer survivor, cancer supporter, Cancer Survivor Speaker, and supporter of natural cancer treatments, I have a clear message for all those fighting cancer and all who wish to prevent themselves from getting cancer: Get rid of the junk!

Detoxify your body is one of the first steps to heal from cancer. Over the years, our bodies are exposed to millions of toxins in the environment, in our food, in the products we use. Our bodies aren’t equipped to handle the load and stress and our cells break down. When our body starts breaking down we can experience a variety of symptoms including depression, constipation, diabetes, MS, irritable bowel, cancer–the list is endless.

Cancer prevention is the preferred path, but if you have cancer now you can begin doing many of the things that could have been done to prevent it in order to begin healing yourself now. 

Healing with Celery Juice?

One of the keys for a cancer survivor and  one I recommend in my cancer support, is to alkalize the body’s pH.  This is crucial to healing and good health.  Due to our life style and foods we eat and the stress we live with, our pH is often acidic.  We must nutreulize it.

Check out this article on celery!  I never knew celery could do all that.  What do you think?  Leave a comment.  As a cancer survivor speaker I love sharing stories.

 Celery juice is highly nutritious and one of the most hydrating foods we can put in our bodies. Because it is incredibly alkalizing, it equalizes the body’s PH, which is vital for peak health. In ancient times, it was considered a medicinal herb used to treat a variety of health complaints. The minerals and vitamins and nutrients are in perfect harmony with each other. Celery leaves are high in vitamin A, whilst the stems are an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C and dense in potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and essential amino acids.

Do we really stop miracles?

You have experienced this feeling of peace and calm in your life before.  Haven’t you?  When everything just is flowing and works.  Everything makes sense.

It could have happened in your work, when the answer just is so obvious and you know its right and you feel it.  Or in a state of prayer when you are connected to God and all is perfect in your world. 

You have accessed this wisdom that is available to all of us all the time.   Then its gone!  How do I get back there? How did I let it go or lose it?

We jump back into the relative world of living in this physical body where we believe all we are is this physical body.  Where we think we have to do all these things and fight for what we want.  We lost our connection to our higher or true self, which is our connection to God.

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