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Cancer Survivor Speaker

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Speaking and Seminar Topics

Who Am I Anyway? Finding the real YOU!

Finding Peace in Challenging Times

True Purpose: Uncovering your purpose

True Balance:  Balancing life when it seems to be controlling you

Creating a Life of your Dreams

Healing the Whole

Integrating Traditional and Non-Traditional Healing Methods

Cancer Survivor Speaker Superfoods

I don’t try all products but I am trying this one.  I have been researching greens and sprouts and their health benefits.  Also I have been looking for products people will actually use. 

Most of us aren’t going to be growing our own sprouts and juicing 10 different organic greens every day.  If you will, go for it.  That is the best; fresh and organic.  But since we are creatures of habit and our habits have been instant gratification–like fast food drive thrus, most won’t go through shopping, growing and preparation of their own juice.

So check out this powder superfood.

Mike Adams raves about this superfood and he believes anyone with cancer or any disease should be using this product.  It has almost all the ingredients our bodies need to heal.  He recommends adding a protein product like organic quinoa, omega 3’s, and sunlight (vitamin D) and your body has what it needs for health and healing.


Sitting on the beach on Amelia Island, Florida a wave rushed over me.  No not the water.

A message from within that all is well.  So I sat back and relaxed as I watched the waves on the beach roll.

How beautiful I thought!  How peaceful….this is how life should be and feel.

Enjoy, just enjoy…..THEN I heard in-joy… in-joy……………….ENJOY!

That is the purpose of life!

A Day With Brian Tracy

Sheila Ulrich with Brian TracyI had a wonderful day with Brian Tracy and some new friends. 

I love being around inpsirational people who know anything is possible, to dream big and create your best life.

Brian Tracy travels the world with a message of inspiration for all.  He shares his story of learning and growing and the success he has achieved in all areas of his life.  As a young man struggling in sales he figured out he should follow and learn from those who were already doing what he wanted to do.  He then realized he could model and learn any skill.  He decided what he wanted in life and created it. 

Most settle and have limiting beliefs.  Most don’t believe it is possible.  

I believe anything is possible.  I believed I could heal myself and I did. 

What do you believe?

Sprouts and Greens

Sprouts are an amazing source to alkalize your body, oxygenate your body, detoxify your body and supply it with nutrition your body needs to function optimally.  All of which, are key strategies in surviving cancer.  Sprouts are a  reliable cancer support product.

Greens seem to be another amazing source to alkalize your body, oxygenate your body, detoxify your body and supply it with nutrition your body needs to function optimally.

So why use one versus the other?  Why Sprouts and not Greens?  Why Greens and not Sprouts?

Cancer and Super Greens

Greens for your health are critical and well documented over the last several years.  What are greens?  Why should we eat certain greens?  Following is a summary of some of the benefits and uses of greens.

Nutrition from green leafy vegetables and other greens is a major part of taking green drinks. For some, it’s the only reason to drink green. If this is your primary motivation for adding green to your diet, then look for products that focus on spirulina, chlorella, kelp and other seaweed, grasses, and grass juices (including alfalfa and watercress if possible). The most nutrient-dense of these ingredients are the kelps and seaweeds with spirulina coming in close second. Other nutrient-rich ingredients include bee pollen and royal jelly.

Super Foods For Surviving Cancer

Ok…there are sunflower sprouts, kale sprouts, fennel sprouts, flax, mustard, red clover, celery and cilantro sprouts, just to name a few.

The variety of sprouts is pretty unbelievable. Everything you see in nature or even your local grocery store can be sprouted. They range in size, shape, taste, texture and color. You can have small sprouts, long sprouts, and thin sprouts. You will see sprouts with small and big caps and various stems. Sprouts can be sweet, bitter, hot and even cooling. You’ll find different shades of greens, yellows and the edible flower sprouts can be purple, red, blue, etc.

What are the best?  What should I use? 

Well I believe they are all good and I prefer to find a product that I can mix and drink.  I won’t grow my own sprouts or even purchase them every week and juice.  So my choice is next best thing, a freezed dried powder.

Is There a Cure For Cancer?

As a cancer survivor who now dedicates much of my time to giving cancer support, I am often asked if there is a definitive cure for cancer. 

 ”There are millions of options and many natural and alternative therapies that are proven to be very effective. There are many treatments available that have been effectively used by many people with cancer, but not the one magic cure everybody has been lead to believe there is. Heal one step at a time. I used many complementary and alternative treatments for my stage 4 cancer and I am cancer free today.”

An understanding and acceptance of the body-mind-spirit interconnection and the use of alternative, complementary, and integrative medicine all played vital roles in my healing from cancer. There is no magic formula that works every time for every cancer, but there are many treatment options to use.

Go Within to Heal

“Most people are so distracted by their thoughts, so identified with the voices in their heads, they can no longer feel the aliveness within them.  To be unable to feel the life that animates the physical body, the very life that you are, is the greatest deprivation that can happen to you.”    Eckhart Tolle

Eckart Tolle is my greatest inspirations and mentor.

Clearly the quote above is one of the biggest causes of the disease in our world.

How do we access the aliveness within to heal and help heal the world?

Cancer Healing Sprouts

Sprouts are considered one of the most healing foods.  I used supplements of sprouts as cancer support.

But what are sprouts?  If you are not into health and nutrition and follow the raw foods diets and community, you may not ever have had sprouts.

Sprouts are one of the worlds most powerful and nutritious super foods that nature has to offer. Sprouts are the beginning life of a plant; these baby plants are loaded with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, fats, phytochemicals, enzymes, water and chlorophyll. Sprouts have the highest concentration of these nutrients, vitamins, etc. than any other stage of a plants life. Sprouts are ALIVE and continue to grow for some time after they pulled. This period of growing continues to add more nutrients. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the fruits and vegetables found in your local supermarkets. The nutritional benefits gained from eating fruits and vegetables decreases very quickly after being picked and more often than they sit in the stores for days, sometimes even weeks. Also, you can never really be sure that what you are eating is 100% organic, especially when the standards of organic are slowly diminishing.

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