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Breast Cancer

We all know the dangers of plastics.  If this is true or not, a good reminder about plastic.

Matter of fact, I have a plastic bottle of water in my car right now! 

Bottled water in your car…..very dangerous, woman!!!!This is how Sheryl Crow got breast cancer. She was on the Ellen show and said this same exact thing. This has been identified as the most common cause of the high levels in breast cancer, especially in Australia

A friend whose mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The Doctor told her: women should not drink bottled water that has been left in a car.
 The doctor said that the heat and the plastic of the bottle have certain
 chemicals that can lead to breast cancer. So please be careful and do not
 drink bottled water that has been left in a car, and, pass this on to all
 the women in your life. This information is the kind we need to know and be
 aware and just might save us!!!! The heat causes toxins from the plastic to
 leak into the water and they have found these toxins in breast tissue. Use
 a stainless steel Canteen or a glass bottle when you can!!!

All You Have to Do is Breathe!

Our breath is life flowing through us.  Use your breath as a tool in your life.

Our emotions are our guide in life.  When we are feeling uneasy uncomfortable or anything “not so good”, it is our signal to look at what is going on in and around us.  What am I thinking or saying?  What am I doing?  The signal is yelling at us to stop!  This is not the right direction, or right activity or experience for our highest good.  Our spirit is waking us up to what is good for us.  Pay attention!

As you are paying more and more attention to your feelings and emotions, you can use your breathing tool to stop and take another direction or make another choice.  A choice more aligned with your hearts desire.

All You Have to Do is Breathe!

All You Have to Do is Breathe! 

These have been my encouraging words for years now.  When dealing with a crisis or a difficult interaction, or experience and we are talking about it and feeling overwhelmed and sad and angry, all we really have to do is breathe.  All these emotions come up and take over our bodies and our minds.  Sometimes we even feel like we are going crazy, we feel we are out of control.  And we probably are!

We have let these emotions, which are energy, run wild in and around our bodies.  The energy is negative and affects our body.  The mind then feeds off this energy and thus creates more thoughts, which in turn creates more negative emotion and more negative energy all around us.  It is a feeding frenzy, creating more and more of the emotion and thought we don’t want.  We feel like we are caught in a wheel out of control and can’t get off. 

Omega 3 Supplements to Survive Cancer

So which omega 3 supplements are the best?

WOW, that is a huge question.  There are thousands of products out there and I can’t possibly try them all.  I rely on others I trust and who have studied this field for years and years.  This is their passion to learn and research products and ingredients and processes and formulators and manufacturers.

I will give a couple examples of omega 3’s that are intriguing and highly recommended.

Here is a new one.  This is a product that claims it is the most natural and highly concentrated omega 3 in the world from green lip mussel in New Zealand.

Here is another one.

Survive Cancer Omega 3

More and more research and clinical trials are available on the health benefits of Omega 3.  I recommend different products for others dealing with health crisis, like I was. As a cancer survivor speaker and coach I want to deliver the latest and best information to you.  Sometimes it is difficult because of the changes in products, companies and research out there.  And most importantly because every body responds differently to different products at different times in their life.

Now doctors are recommending omega 3 as a food source or supplement because of the overwhelming evidence of the benefits to our overall health.

Studies have shown adding omega 3 to your diet can safety assist healing of illnesses and disease.

Many illnesses can be attributed in part to inflammation. Man-made anti-inflammatory products have proven themselves to be potentially dangerous. Doctors, researchers and scientists around the globe are recognizing and embracing the significance of Omega-3s for heart health, joint strength, brain function development, and overall well-being.

We are more than our bodies!

We are first aware of our physical body, then our mental body and then OH, NO! what are all these feelings here for?? and then we begin to recognize our true selves.  Some people refer to this as our soul or our spiritual selves, our higher self, our knowing or intuition, our connection to God. Whatever you choose to call it is perfect for you. 

 I saw myself for many years of my life as this physical body.  I thought as long as I maintained this physical life with success, my life would go smoothly.  Through time many aspects of my physical world and life began falling apart.  I didn’t understand what was happening.  Everything was happening TO me and I didn’t see the connection. 

Cancer Survivor Superfood

Here’s what one cancer doctor says about the super food I was talking about a couple days ago.  Dr. James William Forsythe M.D., H.M.D. “I want to inform your Company on how successfully BõKU™Super Food is working on my cancer patients. BõKU™ has become an important part of my cancer dietary protocol. I feel that all oncology practices should be putting Boku into their cancer management therapy. I have been practicing integrative cancer care for over 15 years. I treat all adult cancers and I am very impressed with the BõKU™ dietary supplement that you recently launched. Most all cancer patients also show signs of poor nutrition due to the body’s adverse reaction to the cancer toxins. These patients are very dehydrated and lack proper nutrition from their dietary intake due to the aggressive nature of the cancer cells. BõKU™Super Food gives patients the opportunity to put important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants back into their bodies with the ease of its administration. Since cancer patients have diminished immune systems, the intake of BõKU™ with all of its powerful nutrients is important, as it stimulates this vital body protective mechanism. It also increases the body’s pH balance to be more alkaline and, as a result, has an adverse effect on cancer cell growth. It is imperative that every cancer patient in my practice receive a bottle of this amazing food supplement to bring the intricate balance of the body back to a pre-cancerous state. I also recommend that all my surviving patients receive this product on their semi-yearly and yearly follow up exams. Congratulations on a great product!”

Cancer and Grief

As a stage 4 skin cancer survivor speaker who is all too familiar with grief, I believe we suffer many losses in our life when we have cancer; acknowledge the losses and be gentle with yourself.

Much of our life is taken away from us while we have to deal with this terrible disease called cancer, and our loved ones experience grief along with us. It was written by T.S. Eliot, “When we grieve truly we do it badly.” What this means for you is grief is a normal response to loss and if it is resisted or if attempts are made to suppress it to “keep up appearances” these will only result in your making things worse for yourself and those around you.

Heal The Body

The verdict is still out.  My daughter is using the zapper.  She read a little about it and is always open to trying new things once.  Not much was noticeable until she woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible pain in her chest.  A terrible respiratory virus has been going around here.  My son had it the previous 10 days.  So that day she started wearing the zapper and after two days felt better.  She thought it worked…….!!!!

Now she is testing it on her elimination system that hasn’t worked for years and years.  She has had no constipation for a week.  More to be revealed………………………………

Is it the zapper????  Is it the power of her mind and belief???????

Maybe both.  But if you have a chance to try something and believe in it to heal from cancer would you?  Everyone is different.

Cure Cancer with Electricity?

Can electricity really treat cancer and other diseases?

Can it really kill bacteria and viruses?

What do you think?  

Read the following by Hulda Clark 

Electricity can now be used…

…to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites in minutes, not days or weeks as antibiotics require.

If you have been suffering from a chronic infection or have cancer, or AIDS, learn to build the electronic device that will stop it immediately. It is safe and without side effects and does not interfere with any treatment you are now on. (From: “The Cure for all Diseases”, after cover; copyright notice)

By zapping I mean selectively electrocuting pathogens. For years I used a commercial frequency generator to “zap” one pathogen after another.

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