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Healing With Energy

A friend of mine works with men and women with altzheimer’s and dementia.  She loves her work and celebrates life with these special people every day.  She says her purpose is to bring moments of joy to them each day. 

What an amazing purpose!!  Get my book, A Search for Purpose here

One woman who is 86 years old worked hard her whole life causing her to experiencing physical pain in her lower back.  They do everything they can to relieve pain including giving pain medication.  Her family also requests a massage therapist to come in and work on their mother to try to make her as comfortable as possible.

One day the massage therapist came in and suggested she only do hands on energy healing that day. 

The Mind and Healing from Cancer

What else can our mind do to our body?

If you are in a dangerous situation what happens to you, how do you feel? For example think of a time when you almost had a car accident and in a split second you were safe.  What happened to your body, your breathing? 

Your muscles tense, your heart races and beats faster, and your breathing is fast.  This is your body’s natural instinct to react with this fear.  This is instinct.

Emotions now are similar but different.  They are your body’s response to a thought. 

So for example you are begin to worry about your daughter who hasn’t come home and you begin to think about the freeway she is driving on and then imagine a horrible accident.  Your heart beats faster, your muscles are tense and your breathing is faster. 

Healing and Emotion

So what role do our emotions play in our healing?

Our emotions are our body’s reaction to our mind.  So pay attention to your emotions as a good indicator of your thoughts.

How to Use Intuition in Healing

What do you choose to focus on?  If you were told you have a life threatening disease what would you do?

I truly didn’t know what to do and I learned to follow my intuition.  Every mother out there I know can relate to mother’s intuition.  You just know.  How do you know?  You just know.  Words can’t describe how you know.  There is a place within us that has a profound knowingness, or a messenger who told us, or a feeling we felt, WE JUST KNOW!

When you can access that place of wisdom, life flows so much easier.  I truly believe all of us should and could access this wisdom with every decision in our life.  We were created to have access to this wisdom.  We have this wisdom as part of us.

Then why do so many of us not know how to access this wisdom?  How come we have forgotton how to do it?

Create Your Dream

“The world around you is a reflection, a mirror showing you the person you are. To change your world, simply change yourself.”

So this implies we create our world around us and we do have control in creating what we want in our reality, in our life.

So if the world around YOU is not as you like or prefer, simply change it!  WOW, that is a BIG statement.  For most of us that is an overwhelming thought.  To change means work and pain and effort and……….

What I have found is most of us THINK it is too much and therefore that is what we create in our lives.  Most of us won’t believe in the miracle, in the possibility, in the potential, in the dream, in the jackpot, in the MIRACLE………..


Healing Is More than Your Body!

Healing is more than just working on healing our cells, organs and functions of our body.

Although as a cancer survivor, I know first hand that you must address the physical body too.  But what part of our being is most important?  Which “body” should we start with?

Most start their cancer journey or healing journey from any disease with the physical.  I think we are just conditioned and taught very young that we are our bodies.  But what about the rest of you.  Who is going to address the rest of you if not YOU??

One of my favorite wisdom verses follows.  If we could live and be exactly that, would we be healthy and whole????

Heal from Cancer

As a cancer survivor speaker I talk a lot about my healing journey.

Cancer survivors and people dealing with cancer always want to know what they should take, what therapies, drugs, treatments, or even natural supplements.  Now I never did drugs/chemo or radiation, but I did take natural supplements and did other natural cancer treatments to heal my body. 

But I still tend to focus on the healing of the mind and the emotions.  As I learned more and more about the disease of the mind, I was determined to help all of us heal from this mind disease.  We are so consumed by the mind, we have lost who we really are.

Disease of the Mind

What is the mind disease that seems to be an epidemic in the world?

Have you ever heard of it?

Has your doctor talked to you about what to do to prevent this contagious disease? 

Let me give you just one example of this disease….

Something troubling or even disasterous happens to you or someone you love.

You begin to think about all the things that happened and how it could have been prevented.  Or you begin to think about why it happened or what if or what you could of done different.  This mind thinking continues until you don’t even know you are doing it.  It becomes part of you life every day even at night while sleeping.  You can’t escape it.  It becomes obscessive and the disease grows out of control…….

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