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Immune System and Negative Energy

So what happens to our cells filled with these negative energy emotions.  The cells break down……….They get tired………They start to slack off……………….They can’t perform their functions as efficiently as they use to……They become cancer.

(Interesting……Have you ever felt like this like these cells….Many people live their lives feeling like this)

But when your cells are not doing what they are suppose to…..your body starts to break down and you are in Dis-ease.

Then they tell you, you have a disease and then label it as cancer, MS, etc…. 

So we do have control over how we deal with negative energy.  We can carry it around with us and let it affect our health or we can let it go.  Negative energy can be any experience, feeling, emotion, relationship, or thought.  When we identify with the negative energy and carry it with us and relive it and react to it over and over, it will affect our health.

Cancer and Healing All of YOU

We are more than our physical bodies……………….to be healthy we have to address our body mind and spirit.

I know, I know I have repeated this over and over.  But I started the past couple discussions on building your immune system and how critical it is in being a cancer survivor.  Then we talked about what things affect the immune system and that stress degrades the immune system. 

We don’t naturally think that stress or other feelings affect our health.  They do.

Anger we carry around with us has to be stored somewhere.  Where is it?  Is it in our head?

Think about something you have been angry about.  How does it feel?  Can you feel the anger in your head, in your body?  Do you feel tense?  How about your muscles, are they tighter?

How You Release the Past

I just woke up with the most amazing experience!

Throughout my cancer experience, I had a tremendous amount of pain, fatigue, nightsweats and the load of symptoms all of us have when dealing with cancer.  And they really suck, don’t they? 

I would wake up for years in the middle of the night with these awful symptoms and feelings.  Sometimes it would get so bad I would be so anxious, sad, hurting, etc., I would jump out of bed thinking I could run away from it.  I couldn’t……….It only made it worse.  Of course at the time I didn’t know that.   I didn’t know how I was continuing the cycle of pain by giving it more attention and then living in the past pain.

Last night I woke up with the same feelings I had for 10 years.  My body hurt and I was having a night sweat and felt that anxious awful feeling.  My first reaction was to get up and run, just like the past. 

Cancer and Your Past

Yesterday I talked about stress and how it affects our health.  What stress comes from is different than most of us think.

Our past is a HUGE part of our life.  We create every day of our lives based on the past.  And that means the good stuff in your past and your bad stuff.  We have these memories that we use as our model of what we will do today.  We reenact the say stuff over and over in our lives, often unconsciously, and we create stress and all kinds of health issues for ourselves.

AND we don’t really know we are doing it.

Stress and Your Immune System

The immune system is one of the key steps in becoming a cancer survivor. The health of your immune system is affected by many things. I will be highlighting a few so that you can start healing.

According to Dr Bruce Lipton, PhD, cellular biologist and author of the New York Times Bestseller The Biology of Belief, concluded that 95% of all illness is created by stress.

Now you may say to yourself, “What’s the big deal? That’s not so radical! We’ve all heard about stress related illness for years. ” And, you would be absolutely right. However… What is radical, what is truly a “big deal”, is this:

Stress does NOT come from outside sources!!!
You read that right… Stress does not come from things like:
• Jobs we hate,
 • Stacks of unpaid bills,
 • Messy relationships, or
 • Pain-in-the-neck relatives.

Cancer and Sunlight

 Interesting report on skin cancer…….

What do you think?  Write a comment…..

According to an Oct. 15 Associated Press article, an 8-year study of more than 100,000 Scandinavian women between 30 and 50 yielded an undeniable correlation between regular artificial tanning and the incidence of melanoma. Among the studies’ shocking (to the medical establishment, not me) findings were these:

-Women over 30 who salon-tanned once a month or more increased their risk of developing melanoma by 55%.

-Women under 30 who UV-baked once monthly saw their likelihood of developing melanoma skyrocket by approximately 150%!

-The risks were identical for women of similar age regardlessof hair color – a factor some in the mainstream deem significant in determining melanoma risk.

William Campbell Douglass II, MD points out that exposure to sunlight doesn’t actually cause skin cancer. That actually a lack of sunlight can lead to skin cancer because that lack leads to a vitamin D deficiency.

Cancer Support and Integrative Medicine

Cancer Support and Integrative Medicine are the two things I know for sure.

Immune system support and detoxifying and cleasnsing are two important steps in your process of healing. 

I talked about building your immune system last week and the important role it plays in killing cancer cells.

It is your most important tool, resource, system or FRIEND, so be good to it.

Luckily I intuitively knew I have to build my immune system in order to survive my cancer, melanoma.  But before I could do that effectively, I had to detoxify.

Cleansing and detoxifying can be done in several ways now.  There are many products and processess out there to help you.  But again, which one?

Get Cancer Support!

In the past, our doctors were our resource, our friend, our mentor, and we listened and did what they said.  When I was healing from cancer, I realized there is no way in the world this person or their team could possibly know everything there is to know about melanoma, the immune system, diet and nutrition, etc.  Information changes daily and they don’t have time to do all the research.  I knew I needed my medical doctors for conventional information and treatment, tests, etc.  I also knew there was a lot of information on healing out there that I needed to use too, that they did not know anything about. 

Welcome Integrative Medicine!

Integrative Medicine and YOU!

I healed using integrative medicine  and you can too.  You can heal all aspects of you, the physical, the mental, the emotional and spiritual dimensions.  Healing body, mind, and spirit with integrative medicine is the key to long term survial.

Cancer survivors don’t just focus on getting rid of the tumor.  There is more to it than that.

I know you may be thinking……You got to be kidding me………………..more to it than getting rid of the tumor??????????!!!!!!

Yes, but don’t worry, stress, or become overwhelmed.  It is all a process.  Life is a process….one moment at a time.

You can do it!  If I did it and had no clue what I was doing, for sure you can do it with guidance.

The process is healing and freeing!!  One you will be glad you took. 

Integrative Medicine accepted in Hospitals

Hospitals in the US now use integrative medicine for treating their patients.  They are now looking at all aspects of the person, not just the physical body.  They want to address the emotional aspects of the person and work with them to heal and the mental and spiritual dimensions.  They are healing body, mind, and spirit with integrative medicine.  Hooray, hooray!  My heart sings with excitement.  Because I know we have to heal all aspects of ourselves to be whole and well. That is where my journey began.  I received that profound message from God, “Heal the Whole, Body, Mind, and Spirit!” Now the medical field has a word or discipline for it that works for them, integrative medicine. It takes time to make changes in the world.  Change is hard for most people.  Little by little change occurs through actions of many for the good of all.

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