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Tulum Mind Control

Yoga is an instrument to open, to be still, and to access the present moment of now.
With each movement is a breath.  The breath allows us to flow with the movement
or the position.  Our breath keeps our focus on what is happening NOW.   In this NOW, is stillness, a space, with no thought.  This is where the peace is found.

I was so grateful each day to experience this space of peace.  Then I began noticing the group I started yoga with was dwindling.  Where were they?  Weren’t they experiencing this same peace?

Later I found them having breakfast in the restaurant cabana, or walking from the store or on their computers doing business.  Their focus seemed to be somewhere else, but I really didn’t know where.  I caught myself trying to figure it out and then I realized, it doesn’t matter.  My mind wanted to create some story about this group of women.  This is what the mind does.  It creates thoughts that become stories.  Then we carry these stories with us.  We begin to believe the stories and then make the stories part of who we are. 

Live From The Inside Out

Tulum story continued…

The first morning as I made my way down the sandy path to the yoga cabana, I felt the warmth of the sun and the smell of the sea and I felt at home.  I have always loved the sea and each time I return it feels like a homecoming. Although, 7:30 yoga class was a stretch for me, considering there were no telephones for a wake up call, but I arrived on time. 

An amazing young woman guided us through the yoga rituals.  The postures and positions were challenging, all centered on opening our hearts.  I could feel my energy change and a feeling of peace was all around me.  As we open our hearts we are most connected to our true selves, and we feel the love that we are.  A smile spread across my face.  Each time I return to this space, I wonder how I could have wandered so far away from me.

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