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My Baby is Hurt!

You will not believe it……………………… MY SON BROKE HIS NECK!

Another opportunity for growth and transformation just landed on my doorstep………..

What will I choose?

Tulum story will continue in a couple days.

Playing in a section game at Gustavous College Connor went after a pass by the boards and a player from the opposing team hit him from behind.

This was one of mom’s worse nightmares. I think I went to a safety place.  I was physically present, but not really there. 

They helped Connor up and off the ice to the bench.  We later took him to the hospital and he was transported to Minneapolis where we spent a week. 

We are very grateful he is moving and walking.  He is in a halo for a few months and we expect a complete recovery. 

Send Connor healing prayers and love.

Lessons from Tulum

Then the reality hit….I am alone in this darkness and I am scared to death!

What could I have possibly been thinking?  Staying in a stick hut all by my self, in some foreign country, in the middle of a jungle, with murders, rapists, burglars, wild animals………………………….

As the travel fatigue increased, my mind accelerated………………………….

Looking at the door I realized anyone could knock it down.  The three inch gaps between the sticks offered a perfect opportunity for someone to reach in.  The candles flickered and shadows paraded across the walls of my hut.  Was that a person shadow or a palm tree shadow?

Ridiculous!! I was creating all of these crazy thoughts.  This wasn’t real, I was creating them!  Then I began to believe it!  My mind was taking over my reality and who I was.
I knew it, so I watched it.  I watched my mind create horrible thoughts over and over.  I felt my body unable to relax and sleep.  I felt my emotions vacillate between terror and desperation.

Tulum Mexico Adventure

The Tulum Adventure

I just spent the most amazing week in Tulum Mexico.Trusting all would work out perfectly, four days before my departure, I booked a flight and a stick hut on the beach. Yes, you heard right…..A stick hut on the beach! Why would anyone pay to sleep in a stick hut with no electricity and bugs and geckos on my walls? For the experience of course!!!!

I arrived at the airport and immediately spotted Nancy, the coordinator of the trip. Shocked by my presence, she couldn’t believe I was there and that I was going with the group. She is the owner of CenterSpace Pilate’s studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She and eight of her clients were headed for Tulum to the Maya Spa at Azulik for a week of relaxation, yoga, Pilates, and healing.

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