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nothing feels better than the sense of pride that follows a job well
done. This sense of satisfaction becomes a source of abundant
positive, creative energy. We feel compelled to move forward, to
grow, and reach our fullest potential.

Accomplishments help fuel our faith and passion for life. When we
allow ourselves to become disillusioned, to give up in the face of
adversity or challenge, to feel overpowered by circumstance, we lose
that sense of satisfaction and along with it goes hope and

Each day we should strive to do something that propels us forward.
We should take note of all our wins in life, even the seemingly
small, because they add up into a stronger sense of self-worth.

Begin a list of your accomplishments; how you felt as you reached
these goals, and then reflect on them and let them inspire you to do

New Life Skills

We need different skills throughout our lives, to help us develop and grow so that we can live healthy, enjoyable, meaningful and successful lives!  Some of these skills are part of our normal development such as feeding and dressing ourselves, walking and running.  Some skills we learn from our parents, teachers and others, such as tying our shoes, riding a bike, driving a car, cooking, cleaning, managing money, reading and math, playing an instrument, creating art, participating in a sport, learning a trade and so forth.   As we learn these skills we gain self-confidence, self responsibility and greater independence and we are able to function more effectively in our lives and in the world.

As we continue to mature and develop, we need to learn different skills such as communication and social skills, conflict resolution, healthy emotional expression and others.  These skills help us grow in our self-awareness and empowerment and help us to have healthier and happier relationships.

Skin Cancer

The two most frequent types of skin cancer are Basal Cell Carcinomas and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (often grouped under “non-melanoma skin cancer”). The third most frequent skin cancer is Melanoma; this is a malignancy of the cells which give the skin its color (melanocytes). This is the deadliest form of skin cancer.  In addition there are a number of other, less common cancers starting in the skin including Merkel cell tumors, cutaneous lymphomas, and sarcomas (see the pages on sarcoma and lymphoma in this guide).

Melanoma is a malignancy of the skin in which melanocytes (the cells which give the skin its color) become cancerous. Melanoma occurs most frequently in white people, but does occur in people with dark skin; it is usually found in adults, though occasionally melanoma may develop in children and adolescents. Over exposure to sunlight can cause skin changes which can lead to melanoma. Half of all melanomas are thought to arise in a benign (non-cancerous) pigmented nevus (a mole). Moles are very common and normally change only slightly over time; however in melanoma there may be a more rapid increase in size – symptoms include a darker or variable discoloration, itching, and possibly ulceration and bleeding.  Early detection is critical with melanoma. 

There is Always HOPE!


When faced with a challenge in your life ….Where do you turn? What should you do? Who do you talk to? When you think you have hit the bottom, the lowest time in your life…There is hope!
Let me Help YOU…….. I am a cancer survivor!

I am the compassionate ears to listen to YOU. The heart to understand what YOU are going through. The shoulder for YOU to lean on. The hands to help YOU. The mind to set you on the path YOU choose. The foot to nudge YOU along your journey.

I am the hope, when you can’t find it.

I am the example for you that it IS possible.

I am the example for you that EACH OF US must choose.

YOU are never alone………………NEVER! There is always HOPE!

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